About Us

We are a passionate group of human beings who are educators, communicators and lifelong learners. If you haven’t woken up to the fact that being bilingual has enormous benefits, both personally and professionally then it really is time to do so. We goto great lengths to provide online access to the best tutors who not only know their language but are also qualifed to teach too which you can see beside their profile. Out of the many resumes we receive everyday only those who meet our strict criteria are allowed to tutor on our platform. We feel that the right teaching techniques will help your learn much more quickly so you can be an independant speaker. This also is why we have a totally scalable pay-as-you-go solution so those who learn to get past sticky areas quickly pay less and those having a bit more trouble well you have experienced tutor on hand to move you through. Our programme teaches you more than just words. We help you understand, and experience, the wonderful culture at the core of your new language. Our personalised lessons and top-rated tutors explain the language from a grammatical and cultural perspective to help you understand “why” and “how” the language is designed. We give you the strategies, guidance, and assistance needed to succeed. Language is not hard work – it’s fun and exciting. The hard part is the motivation to stay the course, removing obstacles from your past to allow you to enjoy learning again and taking the effort to think like a local. Our tutors are experienced to help you deal with these. Becoming fluent in multiple languages can also provide a major boost to your career, salary, and sense of personal fulfillment. As Benjamin Franklin so aptly said

Benjamin Franklin and learning at the Online-Language-School

 ” Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn