Language Learning For Businesses

More and more businesses are now integrating language learning into their organizations. The ability to adapt to an international market, after all, is one of the defining qualities that could prove pivotal to the success of companies today. By breaking the barrier of language and communication, companies are able

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Foreign Language Learning and Dyslexia

Foreign Language Learning and Dyslexia Margaret Crombie This article is adapted from a previous article ‘Bad Language or Good’, first published in the Dyslexia Yearbook in 1999. Foreign language learning presents young people today with the opportunity to communicate with non-English speaking peers on equal terms: to use the

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İnternetten Özel Ders Neden Tercih Edilmeli?

İnternet üzerinden özel ders almak sadece ders verecek öğretmenlere ulaşmaktan ibaret değildir. Öğrenciler, internet üzerinden alınan dersler yüz yüze gerçekleşmese de, daha önce yüz yüze özel ders deneyimlemiş öğrenciler, internet üzerinden alınacak derslerin ne kadar büyük yarar sağladığını farkedeceklerdir. Bu internetten alınan derslerin zamanla oluşmuş en iyi yan ürünlerinden

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Online-Language-School - self-discipline shaolin monk - Do the same for language learning !

Not just a New Years Resolution

With the New Year just passed now is the time we usually tend to set new goals, be it to lose weight, do more research on a career change or learning a new language. However with all the best intentions many of these resolutions rarely see it through to

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Self Learner

Language Lessons: Working Towards the Bilingual Future of Tomorrow

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Why Learn A New Language?

Learning a new language can open up a whole new world for a person; from gaining a greater understanding of another culture, to achieving a new perspective on life, the benefits are endless. Here are just some of the reasons to consider taking up a new language. One of

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Online Language School is Here

Online Language School has officially launched our new and improved website. Now it is easier than ever before to start learning the new language of your choice. See why so many adults, teens, educational programs, and businesses choose us. We make it fast, easy, and more fun than Would

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