Our Tutors

All our tutors are highly experienced and are native to the language they teach.There is a strict process of tests to be able to teach with us. This ensures that each student gets the coaching they need to progress their language skills.

During your first lesson, your tutor evaluates your initial level.

Beginner & False Beginner A1 You get by with isolated words, brief phrases and gestures.
Elementary A2 With difficulty, you manage to make yourself understood in simple situations.
Pre-Intermediate B1 Despite hesitating, you manage in familiar contexts.
Intermediate B2 You can express yourself in everyday situations, although you still make a few mistakes.
Upper Intermediate C1 You almost always express yourself with ease and precision.
Advanced C2 You are fluent in this language. You speak it almost as well as your native language.

He or she then develops your language competency profile with the aid of the spider chart, which allows your linguistic skills to be graphically represented in five individual categories:

  • Fluency of expression
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Oral comprehension
  • Cultural awareness

Your tutor will finally draw up a progression plan with you to meet your objectives and requirements.

And then?

At the start of each lesson, your tutor will quickly go over the areas studied in your previous session. He or she will also take charge of implementing your course plan to insure that the objectives you have set are achieved. According to your specific needs, complementary exercises will also be proposed which deal with certain aspects of the language that require improvement. Then, every ten lessons, your tutor will update your personal spider chart, which will allow you to see the progress you have made during this time.


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