We help students the world over achieve long-lasting results in improving their communication skills. Our platform has been designed from the ground up to be flexible yet personalised to service so many diverse backgrounds and goals.  We provide a strong offering to anyone who is serious about learning a language and are open to increase awareness of our school through partnership and joint-ventures so many more students the world over can benefit too.

The Online-Language-School is the perfect complement to a large number of businesses, websites of many genres from self-development to real-life education sites wanting to offer an added service to company portals, government programs and education. We provide:

  • Record keeping of students activities
  • You could take control and self manage lessons
  • Support to ensure  the implementation is a success
  • Invoicing
  • Upon our discussion we could create a personalised solution that integrates with your offering


Please contact us for any partnership and joint-venture enquiries. We welcome working on bespoke solutions with you.